How We Got Our Start

A question Rough House Kids founder, Sandra Aris, frequently gets asked is how the idea for the signature pant first came to be. The concept did not happen overnight; the inspiration grew from Sandra’s experiences as a mom, a designer, and a woman.

Baby Chloe, who fell and fell again !

When her first daughter, Chloe, was ten months, Sandra was in the midst of a working for a clothing line that designed athletic protective gear for motocross, snow mobile, and biking athletes. When she returned home from work each evening, she and her husband would watch their daughter fall…and fall, and fall and saw how frustrated she became.

It seemed ironic to Sandra that she spent her days designing protective wear for adults she would never meet, yet her small child had nothing to protect her from the bumps that came with learning to walk and climb. This gave her an idea: why not take technology from adult protective wear clothing and apply it to a kid’s line?

Several years later, Sandra had the opportunity to hear Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban, tell her story. Malala observed how women often try to be like men when setting expectations for themselves, yet women are fundamentally different. This resonated with Sandra who, up until that point, had been judging her own success by these standards. She decided when she was ready to bring her clothing line to life, it would be both community-focused and woman-made.

The result is a product that is comfortable, breathable, and protective for little ones and made almost entirely by mothers and grandmothers in Sandra’s local community of the Twin Cities. She could not be more excited to see her vision come to life!

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