Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting

Play can take us to imaginary worlds and challenge our minds as well as our bodies. And it's not just fun and games; play also helps promote healthy development. 

Science points to three principles that can guide society in helping all children and families thrive: supporting responsive relationships, strengthening core life skills, and reducing sources of stress. Play is an effective way of supporting all three of these principles to improve outcomes for children and families.

The science of child development points to three core principles that can guide what society needs to do to help children and families thrive. These include:

Supporting responsive relationships

Strengthening core life skills

Reducing sources of stress

Play in early childhood is an effective way of supporting all three of these principles. In this video, learn more about how play can foster children’s resilience to hardship, and how the complex interactions involved when children play help build their brains.

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