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Success Story: Brooks

Thirteen-month old Brooks began taking his first steps just last month. After many attempts, one day he went for it and got ten steps in...followed by a fall, sad face, and many – many! – tears. Poor little pumpkin. All this just trying as he was trying to walk, gain some independence, and feel excited about it.

After the fall, Brooks stopped trying to walk. In fact, he self-banned walking all together. Alyssa was wondering if she could do anything to help. After some exchange via Instagram with Sandra, the founder of Rough House Kids, Alyssa got Brooks a "Super Star" pair of pants. The Super Star pants are padded on the knee and the bum – perfect for those first bumps and falls.

Books is up and walking ... running away

At first when Alyssa put the pants on Brooks, he still would not budge. Then, pretty quickly, he stood up. The first time he fell with the pants on, he got back up right away like nothing happened. As though he was not bothered by the fall or felt pain from it. His Super Star pants kept him going and finally he was walking, falling, walking, and falling some more. Now, a few short weeks later, Alyssa is chasing her little guy around – even up wooden stairs. By wearing the Super Star pants, Brooks' hesitation was instantly gone and the fear melted. Alyssa knew Brooks could walk if he wanted to, and figured that she just needed to encourage it. It turns out, Brooks just needed to be more comfortable.

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