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Imagine your child is at their very first hockey practice. The coach gives you an endless laundry list of equipment you are required to buy – shoulder pads, helmet, face mask, mouth guard, neck protector etc. You think to yourself, “But he’s only six-years old! How much damage could possibly be done?” But there’s a reason why hockey teams – and many other sports like lacrosse, football, and soccer – require proper protection for young players that may, at times, seem excessive. When a child is trying something new but constantly getting hurt, they are less likely to want to continue and can easily become frustrated. The sense of fun and curiosity for their new activity is gone.

Oskar crawling and walking up the stairs on the French coast

It is the same belief in fundamental protection that led mom-of-three and French sportswear designer, Sandra Aris, to create the Rough House Kids crawling pants. With new trends in athletic safety, where proper and thorough protection is becoming the norm across so many sports, she wondered, “Why do we not apply this same idea to our own children’s clothing?”With an extensive background in product and fashion design for such companies as Patagonia, Columbia, Bob Strollers, and more, Sandra created a pant (sizes 6M-3T) that cushions the knees of crawlers, breaks the falls of new walkers, and protects active toddlers. Exploration and curiosity have no limits when the pain of falling and fear of reoccurrence is taken away, empowering children to get up and try again.

In our modern world of screens, Sandra also wanted to create a product that would get kids back outside and keep them active – but also be fashionable (she is French, after all). Recognizing all of the crucial development happening in children’s brains at very young ages, she designed the pants to allow children to explore their environments, gain confidence, and discover their own level of independence – and their limits. In this way, youngsters can embark on the very beginning stages of their independent decision-making journeys.

“Decisions are great tools. And as parents, it’s all about building your child’s toolbox. Our job is to fill that toolbox so our kids are ready to make good decisions later in life”, explains Sandra. “The proper protection helps each child identify their own limits. At Rough House Kids, we want young children to start life curious and active, continuously empowering them to discover their individual limits and comfort level”.

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